Galley Kitchen Throwdown



Galley Kitchen Throwdown was created because we felt there was a lack of personal connection to others within our community and to the food we consume. We had the idea to use food as a common ground to bring people from all walks of life together to socialize and collaborate. We (Gabrielle and Paige) love to cook, but find it much more rewarding to share the food we make with others. This is our form of creativity and we want to share it with you to both inspire and cultivate a slower pace of life and a more intentional way to living.

The food we make focuses on high quality ingredients, innovation, and creativity, while also being nourishing and delicious. We aim to feature local businesses, restaurants, culinary professionals, farmers or gardeners in our kitchen to share what what is available in the St. Louis area. By doing this, we hope to celebrate, support and bring to light some of our favorite food concepts we have available to us in St. Louis.

So, what do you say? Let’s share and meal and in doing so we build community along the way.

-Paige & Gabrielle

Who’s In the Kitchen:

Paige McDoanld

Paige McDonald

Gabriel Warren

Gabrielle Warren

Galley Kitchen